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BBC Radio Scotland's comedy sketch show ~ The Franz Kafka Big Band ~ will air their second series during the last week in August, 2006. Following on from their successful first series broadcast autumn 2005, which was repeated uncut in a late night schedule, their second series will again break new ground by being broadcast in a prime late night slot, daily, for one week.

This special broadcasting event beginning on Monday the 28th of August 2006 will showcase the cutting edge and hilarious comedy sketch show, The Franz Kafka Big Band. Uncompromising in its 10.00 p.m slot, youíll either love it, or hate it: you wonít ignore it.

Nothing on radio sounds like The Franz Kafka Big Band.

Each show is a combination of written sketches and improvisation by Scotlandís new writing and performing talent. Creative editing and sound design is provided by Savalas Studios, The Scottish film industryís premier audio production studios. With original music provided by some of Scotlandís best known electronic artists, the result is an extraordinary fusion of crafted sketches and spontaneous chaos.

Second Series starts Monday 28th August, then Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th, Thursday 31st & Friday 1st of September - all at 10.00 pm.

The Franz Kafka Big Band is a Comedy Group that makes programmes for BBC Radio. Founded in 2001 by writer/producer Colin Edwards, their live debut was at The Glasgow Arches on the 23rd of June 2002, before going on to make shows for the internet webcaster Radio Magnetic.

BBC Radio Scotland got their first taste of The Franz Kafka Big Band during the 2002 Christmas Lunch Broadcast. Their first series was broadcast from October to November 2005, with each Saturday Lunchtime show being repeated uncut on the following Monday evening.