Who ?

Jenny Ann Marshall

Jenny Ann Marshall, born and raised in The Lake District, England, is an actor based in London. She has appeared in musicals, music videos and T.I.E.

Jenny Ann also writes music and sings for London based 'Westmorland County Hornpipe'.

Colin Edwards

Colin Edwards was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1969, but raised in Kent, England, before moving to Glasgow, Scotland. He first wrote comedy at Glasgow University in 1993. Colin lived and worked as an Alexander Technique Teacher in the Lake District where in 2001 he founded The Franz Kafka Big Band. Colin has written and produced for the group ever since.

Now a professional writer, Colin has worked on projects for Radio, TV and is currently working with Sylvain Chomet and Moray Hunter.

Innes Smith

Innes Smith is a writer & performer working in radio, television and the music industry. He is one half of CNUT. To relax he investigates the paranormal.

  • "…Turns a great set into an unforgettable evening." - The N.M.E.
  • "Stupid, clever, funny and good, all at the same time" - The List
  • "Hilarious" - Glasgow Herald
  • "It’s amazing what three and a half minutes of good dance music can do" - Time Out, NY.
  • "Spook expert lover" - The Sun

Craig Stobo

Craig Stobo, born in Glasgow, studied Law at Glasgow University where he started performing comedy with Colin Edwards in 1993. Craig also writes poetry, songs and created 'World of Toad', a weekly internet cartoon strip.

Dave Barr

Dave Barr, raised in Ayrshire, now lives in Glasgow and works as a VO artist.

As well as performing with the Franz Kafka Big Band, he is a regular on the Glasgow Stand-up circuit and a founder member of The Don Quixote Comedy Club. He is also working with the animator Sylvain Chomet on a project for BBC 3.